Preview: Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus unbound?

Build-ups don’t come much bigger than this. Some ten years ago, Ridley Scott, who directed the world-changing Alien (1979), the first film (and zenith) of the franchise that sank to its nadir with Aliens vs Predator – Requiem (2007), indicated that he was very keen on directing a sequel or prequel to his first movie.

However, seeing the direction that the studios wanted to go, namely the abysmal AVP films, he changed his mind and aborted the project. But his enthusiasm did not abate and, as far as we know before seeing the film, the story is set in the same fictional universe as Alien, but is not connected in any way with the rest of the original franchise.

Scott’s original prequel was supposed to cover the origins of the Weyland-Yutani Company (always referred to simply as ‘The Company’, and which was fully aware of the alien’s existence by the time of the first film, indicating ‘crew expendable’ in its efforts to acquire a specimen).

The project was intended to be two separate movies, to be set before the first Alien, to be written by Jon Spaihts and directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, with Scott in place as producer. However, 20th Century Fox wanted Scott in the director’s chair so much that he eventually accepted under the condition that the script was largely rewritten to reflect the concepts that he wanted to explore. Damon Lindelof was hired, and the resulting film (with perhaps a little craftiness on the part of Scott et al) has since been described as being both a prequel and an original story.

Exactly how is not yet known but, from what we do know, the story takes place within the same universe albeit not directly connected to the events of the original. Production photos and trailers appear to confirm that the movie has links to Alien that are very much inspired by, if not designed and built by, H.R. Giger, the creator of the original creature. Specifically, the most recent trailer shows footage of space vessels not unlike the Nostromo, an alien spacecraft shaped like the derelict ship and ‘Space Jockey’ creatures from the first film.

We will all know soon enough, and Picturenose will of course doour best to keep you posted of further news via Twitter and Facebook, and will be publishing a review soon – Prometheus is released in Belgium on 30 May and worldwide shortly after. For more information (such as they’re going to let you have), click here.

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  1. Looking absolutely awesome – even though it isn’t directly Alien related, I can feel the throbbing in my chest already… 😉

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