Online Movie Review: Star Wars Downunder (2003)

98a823d4ea25b7b6b28c211deb697fd1_Star_Wars_Downunder_Fan_Film_Home_00-920-470-cNow this, is fun. Director Michael Cox and co-writer Bryan Meakin made the fan film Star Wars Downunder (2003) ten years ago, but it has only just seen the light of day online, which is more than a little surprising, as it is a spoof/pastiche/tribute of near-perfect comedy pitch of Star Wars (1977), a little-seen avant garde flick that some of Picturenose’s readers may be aware of.
Anyway, Picturenose’s very good friend David Nicoll (who in fact first made us aware of the film) plays one Merve Bushwacker (ie, Luke Skywalker), a ‘Jedi Knight’ who is horrified to discover that his favourite Outback watering hole has been destroyed and raided of all its ‘amber liquid’ by one Darth Drongo. And it’s not just a one-off crime, either – Drongo is draining the land of all the golden good stuff, and Merve has got a serious thirst on him. What’s a boy to do? I should imagine that you can probably see where this is going from the description above, but worry not a jot – it’s rib-ticklingly funny, made with great attention to detail, truly excellent S/FX and a barnstorming central performance from Nicoll. Some of the silliness on display may well go over the heads of those not, ahem, ‘attuned’ to Aussie/Star Wars culture, but what the hell, it’s about time you learned, isn’t it?

Check it out here, you’ll love it, mate. 🙂

30 mins.

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