Nobody Films With The Jesus…

6053294603_821e1436eb_z…or do they?

It seems there’s talk of John Turturro reprising the role of The Jesus, one you’ll remember he made his own in The Big Lebowski. Speaking at the Taormina Film Festival, he told The Hollywood Reporter:

“”If I can get the permission I need, I’d like to return to that role,”

It seems, then, he’s in talks with the Lebowski ‘people’ to play The Jesus again. In what capacity, we can’t know but we’d like to think he’ll be the slick, weird, ball-juggling genius he was. Perhaps an unlikely hero, or just a weird, Latino, Pee-Wee-like character? Time will tell but he’ll have some big shoes to fill, not to mention shaking off that whole eight-year-olds thing.

Photo by Joe Polletto via Flickr

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