Movie News Feature: PictureNews is here!

PictureNewsYou want news? We got it

Another chance to thank all of Picturenose‘s faithful devotees – as we approach our 800th post, the time seemed just about perfect to expand the PN empire, so that’s exactly what we have done with the launch of PictureNews.

A perfectly formed movie news digest, PictureNews will give you everything you want to know about the flicks, and then some. Put together very much along the lines of our site’s previous themes and predelictions (plenty of cult, plenty of European, plenty of horror, plenty of fun), we think it’s the very thing to complement what we already do on Picturenose proper.

Agree, disagree, love it, loathe it, do let us know, won’t you, and if there are other cinematic news sources that you think should get a look in, don’t hesitate to put us in the picture. It’s PictureNews – enjoy. 🙂

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