European Film Academy to Receive Charlemagne Medal ‘Médaille Charlemagne pour les Médias Européens’

European-Film-Awards-2On 22 May, the European Film Academy (EFA) will be honoured with the Médaille Charlemagne pour les Médias Européens, an award annually presented in the German city of Aachen in recognition of a contribution in the field of media to the process of European unification and to the emergence of a European identity.

”Since its inception in November 1988, the European Film Academy has worked to represent the interests of its members and promote Europe’s film culture,” said the committee.

”The European Film Academy is a Europe-wide institution that unites film-makers from nearly all European countries under one roof. It has given European film culture a face and has contributed greatly to the reputation and acceptance of European film productions improving over the last few years,” said Michael Kayser, chairman of the Médaille Charlemagne association, on the announcement of the current prize winner today in Aachen.

Aachen’s Mayor Marcel Philipp stressed: “By networking filmmakers, the European Film Academy has in exemplary fashion made an important contribution to a common culture as the basis of European integration.”

The prize is awarded by the association Médaille Charlemagne pour les médias Européens, which includes the following institutions: City of Aachen, City of Maastricht, the German-speaking community of Belgium, Landesanstalt für NRW (LfM), Film – und Medienstiftung NRW GmbH, Arte – the European Cultural Channel, BBC World News, Deutsche Welle, EOS Entertainment GmbH, Euronews, Eurosport S.A, the Newspaper Association of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Gesellschaft für die Verleihung des Internationalen Karlspreises zu Aachen e. V. The association was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the LfM, and the city of Aachen.

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