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europeanfilmacademy_-_h_2012EFA Board: Neglecting the importance of culture will put an end to the European Dream

The Board of the European Film Academy and EFA President Wim Wenders have declared their support for the petition launched by the French Association of Film Directors and Producers (ARP) to preserve Europe’s cultural exception in the EU/US trade and investment negotiations.

“To not respect the cultural exception in the negotiations starting this June would threaten independent cinema and the author’s freedom of expression. It would also result in European films vanishing from cinema screens in Europe and around the world and in irreparable damage to European culture. A Europe that neglects the importance of its culture would reduce the European Union to a purely administrative and economic body, thus putting an end to the European dream with all its negative consequences.

“The board of the European Film Academy and the president also remind European and national politicians in charge of the negotiations that the audio-visual industry is one of the most promising job generating sectors in Europe and that its critical importance for the future of Europe should not be underestimated.”

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