DVD Movie Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

Was the force with it?

The first animated Star Wars feature hit cinemas back in 2008, and paved the way for a television series that began in the same year, which featured 30-minute ‘mini-movies’ from Lucasfilm Animation. Picturenose takes a look back, to hopefully open discussion and debate.

Truth be told, while this reviewer was a great fan of the first three Star Wars movies, with Irvin Kershner’s Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) the clear champ, I feel that Star Wars creator George Lucas was distinctly ill-advised to have made parts one and two, even though he finally got it right with Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005). So, was the advent of TV series a worrying sign at the time, and how well has it slotted in to the overall mythos?

And, also for the first time, Frank Oz did not provide the voice of Yoda – Tom Kane it was.

Of course, the defensive gushing began very quickly – Lucas led the field. “I felt there were a lot more Star Wars stories left to tell,” he explained to StarWars.com. “I was eager to start telling some of them through animation and, at the same time, push the art of animation forward.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars showcased an entirely new look and feel to the galaxy far, far away, on the front lines of the intergalactic struggle between good and evil, with favorite characters as Anakin Skywalker (voiced by Matt Lanter), Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) along with new heroes such as Anakin’s padawan learner, Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein). The villains, led by Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) and General Grievous (Matthew Wood) are poised to rule the galaxy. The stakes are high, and the fate of the Star Wars universe rests in the hands of the daring Jedi Knights.

Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution Pictures President Dan Fellman told StarWars.com: “This is a breakthrough project – returning Star Wars to the big screen in a completely new way while beginning an exciting new chapter in George Lucas’s legendary saga. We immediately felt that it would be a fantastic theatrical event and are thrilled to be bringing it to moviegoers.”

“Nothing like this has ever been produced for television,” added Turner Animation Young Adults & Kids Media President/CEO Stuart Snyder. “For 30 years, Star Wars has shown that it appeals to a huge breadth of fans. The Clone Wars…will be appointment television for everyone in the family. We’re thrilled to be working with Lucasfilm again and very excited to be playing a role in bringing this remarkable adventure to viewers.”

So, how was it? Any one who wishes to put Picturenose in the picture would be very warmly welcomed – do drop us a line.

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