Dream Seekers Productions Movie Review: Little Reaper (2013)

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Dream Seekers Productions’ latest short film, Little Reaper (2013), is a quirky comedy/horror about how even the Grim Reaper cannot control his teenage daughter. Instead of being interested in the family business, Little Reaper (Athena Baumeister) spends her time chatting with friends, text messaging about boys, and doing all normal things you’d expect of a teenage girl. Her father, the Grim Reaper (John Paul Ouvrier), has had enough of her passive ways and has decided to watch soap operas for a day while leaving his duties to the Little Reaper. Papa Reaper gives her careful instructions and a pager that warms her when someone has kicked the bucket.

Naturally, Little Reaper begins to slack at her work and instead of taking people’s souls to the after-life, she engages in pubescent chit-chat with her gal-pals. Deciding to focus her attentions on boys and finding new, cooler friends, it all seems innocent enough. However, there are dire consequences when there is no one to take people’s souls to the beyond. To say that the Grim Reaper is going to have a mess to clean up, is an understatement.

The short film was written and directed by Peter Dukes, who is building a nice repertoire under his belt. The Little Reaper is another installment that introduces new and engaging characters to his long list of unique horror characters. If you have a couple of hours, I recommend sitting down and watching each of Dream Seekers’ short films. You won’t be disappointed.

11 mins.

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