Documentary: MalletheadZ – A Bike Polo Story (2013)

453515778_640MalletheadZ – A Bike Polo Story (2013) is a short documentary about a passionate group of grass bike polo players from Durango, Colorado who were invited to play in the inaugural Mile High Mallet Throwdown in Denver, Colorado.  

The group, known as the MalletheadZ, is a close bunch always looking towards their next game and promptly accepted the challenge.  Only problem was that the tournament was to be played on hard-court – a style they’ve never played on before.  The MalletheadZ would also be competing in a round-robin style tournament against some top quality teams from Denver and Boulder.

Scored with a vivacious soundtrack and interesting characters, MalletheadZ – A Bike Polo Story is a terrific little documentary that will entice you to dust off your fixed gear and look up your local bike polo team.

To watch MalletheadZ – A Bike Polo Story (2013) for yourself, click here.

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