Cinema Feature: Dream Seekers Productions

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I have said it before, and I will say it again – it really is a lot of fun putting Picturenose together with Col. One thing that makes it all the more enjoyable is the input that we are increasingly receiving from our readers, so many thanks again to all of you who read our posts, leave comments, and make suggestions as to the direction we should take – and one such recent suggestion came from Peter Dukes, the man with the plan behind Dream Seekers Productions, which he formed with Aubrey Dukes and which, in their website’s own words  “aspires to return audiences to the roots of the film-going experience. To remind them how inspiring, thought-provoking and wonderful cinema can be”.

The team is the talent behind a number of very intriguing short movies (many of them in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres), a selection of which is provided below, along with Peter’s own commentary, and which are just the kind of projects that we at Picturenose are only too happy to promote and support. Before I hand you over to Peter, take the time to check out his and Aubrey’s complete back-catalogue here and here, and why not check out their Facebook page as well, and their Twitter page, while you’re at it? And Picturenose will be providing reviews of a selection of the Duke’s films in the very near future, so keep it here. Over to you, Peter.

The Beast, starring Bill Oberst, Jr
This is the story of a father’s struggle to cope with his son’s affliction (the curse of the werewolf).  It was shot in one night for 700 bones, but we made it work.  It’s my ode to the classic horror films of yesteryear, and it recently won Best Horror Film at this year’s All Things Hollywood Film Festival.

A Goblin’s Tale, starring Radio Disney star Tiffany Giardina
This is the story of a goblin who comes to life from the pages of a storybook, forever changing the life of a young girl (the owner of the book).  This was my ode to the darker fantasy films of the 1980s.

The New World
A silent fantasy film about a fairy who yearns to leave her world behind in favour of ours, but what must she give up to do so?  I’m not a big-deal festival guy, but I did submit this to the Burbank International Film Festival in 2011 and it won best Sci-Fi film.

The story of a scientist held captive by a crazed soldier intent on teaching him one can’t outrun the sins of one’s past.  This was my version of the zombie film.

They Watch
The story of an ailing man who’s visited by an old acquaintance, stirring up long-buried secrets from the past.  Inspired, in part, by the old Twilight Zone series.

The Scarecrow & The Princess
This is a light-hearted horror film (OK for kids, for sure) about a scarecrow that has one night (Hallowe’en) to learn the meaning of friendship before being put back in his box for another year.

The Last Goodbye
The story of an elderly man who, with the help of a mysterious stranger, must learn to let go of all he holds dear in life, including his beloved wife.

Alone is the story of a young woman taking a pleasure drive through the mountains who comes upon an abandoned vehicle, the consequences of which will forever change her life.

The story of two hikers lost in the wild who must come to terms with their grim situation.  It’s a film that asks, what would you do if asked to stare into the very face of death?

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