Top 10 Movie Villains 5

Top 10 Movie Villains
Men (and a woman) behaving badly Colin and James take us through their picks (five apiece) of the worst-best bad guys (and one gal) to have ever (dis)graced the silver screen. Do let us know your own choices, won’t you? Colin’s choices Ben Kingsley as Don Logan in Sexy Beast (2000)

The 5 Most Over-Rated Actors 6

The 5 Most Over-Rated Actors
I kicked off a while back with my picks of the five most under-rated (yes, I hyphenate it, get over it) actors. I did so chiefly because ripping people to shreds is easy and so many people seem to make a(n) (un)healthy living doing it. This, then, is a balance piece. There are actors whom ...

The 5 Most Under-Rated Actors 23

The 5 Most Under-Rated Actors
Acting up OK, more like four under-rated and one just plain old unfortunate. You’ll see why. For every Steve Guttenberg, Scarlett Johansson and Jason Statham, who seem to get regular work despite having little to no discernible talent for the job they’re paid obscene amounts of cash to do, there is a veritable legion of ...

10 Best Movie Songs 12

10 Best Movie Songs
Sing when you’re winning… A Happy New Year to all Picturenose readers! Following Colin’s splendid picks of his favourite music documentaries, and once again in association with I thought it only fair to pitch in with my take on the top ‘toons’ to have graced the silver screen. There is no particular order, but ...

10 Best Music Documentaries 12

10 Best Music Documentaries
The music’s all that matters In association with, Picturenose’s Colin presents his take on the finest films on music to grace the silver screen. Buena Vista Social Club (1999) Ry Cooder, who has played just about everything with just about everyone goes back to the roots of music for this wonderful outing to Cuba, ...

10 Best Movie Openings 13

10 Best Movie Openings
Starting something? James and Colin team up, once again, to offer their favourite five openings of all time. Do feel free to share your faves with us too, won’t you? James’s Top Five 5. Jaws (1975) Dir. Steven Spielberg

Beyond The Cringe: 10 Most Embarrassing Movie Moments 31

Beyond The Cringe: 10 Most Embarrassing Movie Moments
Our ’10 Best’ lists, be they about horror, sci-fi or final bows, have proved very popular with Picturenose visitors of late – whether this one will live up to expectations is another matter entirely, however, as Colin and James present their ‘bottom’ five movie moments, namely key sections of certain films that make you turn ...

10 Best Movie Endings 15

10 Best Movie Endings
All good things… As we all bid farewell to summer (gee, wasn’t it great?), James and Colin each offer their definitive top five favourite finales of all time. Do let us know whether you agree, won’t you? James’s Choice 5. Some Like It Hot (1959) Dir. Billy Wilder I thought that I would start with ...

2010: Ten Best Films 9

2010: Ten Best Films
Here’s the only top ten that really matters, then, as Picturenose’s owners, Colin and James, offer their respective five best films. Over to Colin first: 5. TRON: Legacy (2011) Yes, yes – I know it’s not officially a 2010 release this side of the pond, but I’m just so gosh-darn excited about the release, I can’t help but mention it. ...

Ten Best Christmas Movie Moments 8

Ten Best Christmas Movie Moments
Just a little something to keep you warm while the festive season gets into full swing – it’s another list, of course, this time the ten moments that I consider to be the most, well, ‘Christmassy’, and I would love to hear about what you consider to be the notable omissions. 10. Billy Ray: [posing as ...

10 Best Westerns 14

10 Best Westerns
Once Upon a Time in the Western… To complete the trilogy begun by James with horror and sci-fi, and ahead of the holiday season, when they will all doubtless be shown *somewhere* on the glass teat, our man Cillian offers his very own rootin’, tootin’ top ten.