7th Offscreen Film Festival: 5-23 March 2014

Fans of cult and offbeat films will soon be able to meet again for the 7th Offscreen Film Festival, from 5-23 March 2014. A three-week excursion into the depths of Cinema Nova, Cinematek, Bozar and Cinema Rits in order to explore the twists and turns of cult cinema and to discover a selection of newly minted oddities.

This edition will begin with a very special local production: the festival’s opening film will be L’Etrange Couleur des Larmes de ton Corps (The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears (2013), which is the second full-length feature by Belgian directing duo Bruno Forzani and Hélène Cattet. Continuing in the vein of their first film Amer (2009), this exercise in style takes its cues from 1970s Italian cult films. However, the pair have since become accomplished filmmakers in their own right, demonstrating a cinematic prowess that gives them little to envy the big names on the international scene. The viewer is swept into a highly sensual experience amidst an oppressive atmosphere, punctuated by a rhythm that is as intoxicating as it is enthralling.

The festival will be welcoming Radley Metzger, the master of erotic art-house films. A pioneer in American independent cinema, Metzger made a name for himself thanks to his psycho-sexual dramas imbued with a European sensibility, elegant cinematography and opulent sets. The Lickerish Quartet (1970) and Camille 2000 (1969) are his most remarkable films, both managing to wholly capture the mood of the swinging sixties in all their wild glory. Radley Metzger will personally present his work, including some of his more explicit movies made in the 70s under the pseudonym Henry Paris.

British filmmaker Ken Russell will also be honored through a conference titled Imagining the Past: Ken Russell, Biography and the Art of Making History, which will be held on the 19th and 20th of March at Cinema Rits. Ken Russell’s extensive film resumé, and his biographical work in particular, will be approached in a challenging fashion. The conference will naturally complement a comprehensive retrospective of Russell’s films, showcasing not only his best-known features but also providing a rare opportunity to discover his more obscure films on the big screen.

The focus on Russell gives the necessary impulse to sink into the darkest recesses of British cinema. An extensive collection of British cult films offers glimpses of a country ravaged by zombies on motorcycles in Psychomania (1973), sadistic psychopaths in Killer’s Moon (1978), deranged doctors in Horror Hospital (1973), and many more!

The complete festival programme will be online starting 5 February 2014. In association with Cinema Nova, Cinematek, Cinema Rits & Bozar.

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